Here we log our experiences with different alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, spirits, anything we make, or  anything hard to describe. Our mission? To experience the joy of having a well rounded palette. We describe the flavors, effects, our preferences, or anything unique about the drink.

*Pabst Blue Ribbion - Nothing will ever take its place in our hearts. For the cheapest beer your pennies will buy, you can get 12. As for flavor, if you can stand anything at frat parties, you will fall in love with PBR. Also, this is the only one listed out of alphabetical order.

Dundee Honey Brown - At the usual $6.99 / 6pack, this is an awesome honey lager and a good change from pure-ingredient beers. Leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Dundee Summer Wheat - A change of taste from the popular citrus-wheat beer. This Dundee has the mild bitterness of a pale ale and the wheaty flavor expected. Not too bold and leaves little aftertaste.

Foster's Premium - There is nothing premium about it. It costs a buck and a quarter for an oil can, so how do YOU think it tastes? Granted it is a decent change from that bro-beer you probably drink, but you can do better. At least put on a dramatically-fake accent when drinking it.

George Killian's - A fairly popular red ale of Irish brewing. That amber color and flavor comes from the caramelized, malted hops they use in making it. If you like Newcastle, you'll enjoy a Killian's. Goes well with meat and potatoes.

Jim Beam Black - Jim Beam Black is 86 proof straight Kentucky Bourbon aged in charred white oak barrels for 8 years. This gives it a super smooth taste. This is some classy drinking material. I recommend slow sippin from a highball, on the rocks or straight up.

Jim Beam Red Stag - Jim Beam's Black Cherry Bourbon, "Red Stag" is another personal favorite here at CDT. Every bottle is a four year old bourbon whiskey infused with black cherry flavors. Stag goes down super smooth and is best drank straight up. Ride the Stag!

Rogue Dead Guy Ale - A powerful ale at 6.6% with a powerful flavor. Bitter hops and a slight honey scent are just asking you to sip this by itself. Definitely expensive at around $10 for a 6pack, but it's worth a try.

Schlitz - Stop right there, don't you dare buy this beer. Unless all you have is a buck and you want change for the bus, because you will get back most of your dollar. Seriously, this beer is rough to drink. There is a reason it died in the 70s. No idea why they think this generation will like it. Costs pennies and is over 8%, any other questions?

Shock Top Belgian White - A favorite among microbrews-gone-big. Has a raw, wheat flavor with a citrus infusion. Easy to find on sale as well. For citrus beers, this one has a full, unfiltered composition.

Widmer Drifter Pale Ale - A Widmer Brothers ale from Portland. A tad expensive, but if you can find it on sale, pick it up. This is one flavorful IPA with just the right amount of bitterness. Goes well with nuts. Has a high alcohol content as well.

Widmer Hefeweizen - Another Widmer Brothers beer. Though this doesn't get great reviews from the pros due to a lacking head, if you like strong-flavored hefeweizens, try it. The sweet malty flavor makes up for the head. Still expensive like all Widmer, but has a unique, malty taste.

Yuengling - The sixth largest volume brewery in America, and the oldest as anyone who had one will tell you, repeatedly. Started in 1829 in PA, this beer hasn't gotten better. It is cheaper than most domestic beer, but consider what you are buying. Personally, it isn't terrible, but there are alternatives. Only found on the East coast.