Similar to the article we made on installing and playing Oregon Trail, you can now introduce your family to the nostalgic floppy-disk game Number Munchers! The only computer game your first grade teacher let you play. Play different modes of math problems, like fractions, multiples, addition, etc. All you have to do to win is press space bar and "eat" the numbers, whilst avoiding the evil Troggles. They kill you like no tomorrow and give you more numbers to eat before passing the level. Damn Troggles.

Since this is abandonware, you can download it anywhere, anytime. It ran on MSDOS back in the day, so you need DOSBox once again. Install the Number Munchers folder to your games folder and let's get ready to load it up.

Know your folder location and then type:

MOUNT C C:\*your folder*   --- example: I type "MOUNT C C:\GAMES\NUMBER-MUNCHERS

Once the local directory is mounted, in two different commands you type:



That's it brah. Start playing and enjoy. Just remember to set your directory appropriately and lookup the file name of the application itself, though I am fairly sure it's "nm.exe" for most downloads.

FYI - it's not actually a bad game to freshen up for the GREs, as standardized testing standards are lower than ever!