You remember that game, you always wanted to finish your spelling first so you get a chance to cross the US and not lose too many family members on the way there. Well, we here at CDT have some information on how you can play that game once again!

Oregon Trail is considered abandonware, which means it's free to install (not that it matters, amirite?), edit, and use in practically any way you want. But OT ran on MSDOS, which means you either have to have a machine with DOS on it (unlikely), or you need an emulator.

Download and install:


Oregon Trail

Install DOSBox to a folder you'll remember and extract the game to another folder you'll remember.
For Windows, all you need to do is click DOSBox and type:

MOUNT C C:*your folder*    -----example: I type"MOUNT C C:\GAMES\OT" to mount my folder

Once the local directory is mounted, in two different commands you type:



Start playing and make sure to contain your nostalgia to manageable levels.