All right, hopefully you have an idea of what to look for when picking the right stock to flip. The trading game used to be all about investing for long periods of time and knowing when to cash out, but nowadays it's about taking quick profit and exiting. Only mutual funds, IRAs, and retirement plans should be invested in for long term causes (incubator funds as well, but we don't have that much money to play with, amirite?).

Follow a decent stock for as long as it takes to be able to predict movement throughout a typical day, preferably one recommended on several reputable forums. Profitable picks in my past have been ones I noticed did better at certain parts of the day (selling time) and dropped at other times (buying time, lunch hours are a key time). After I got confident predicting movement, I stayed at my computer the whole time my money was floating around.

                               Intraday movement of Google stock (06/22/11)

There are two options we're concerned with when putting in a buy/sell order: Limit and Market. Market orders mean you want in fast and limit orders mean you are fine waiting for a certain price. I have never had a market order because I don't invest on the spot. Always use limit orders to be safe. Quick money can be made with market orders as they take priority in trades, just know what is at stake.

Another part of an order you need to know is your qualifier. You'll usually see AON or a blank spot. AON means "all or nothing," meaning your trade won't go through unless your order is completed in one trade. This is fine for smaller orders or large volume trading. It severely inhibits trading with pennies however, as quite a few trades require several go-arounds to fill an entire order. This may take an hour or several hours.

A last few pieces of advice for today are to know standards among online traders. It's usually slow trading around 12-1 PM Eastern time, due to lunch time for the big guys in charge. Stocks are usually uncertain during this time and not a great time to sell. Power Hour is a term for the last hour of trading for the day during normal hours, which is 3:30 - 4:30 PM Eastern time. Big swings happen during this time as well and heavily influences the next day's trading. If it spikes up during this time, it's a bet on investors that the stock will spike early the next day. If you think so as well, put a limit order in and chose GTC instead of DAY. GTC means "good 'til cancelled," and DAY means the trade is good for that trading day only. Use GTC if you think you can predict price movement decently.

If you're looking for a standard day to buy a stock cheap, check out the price on Fridays. Fridays are notorious for drops in PPS (price per share). I have no certain idea why, but folks say investors don't want to hold their shares over the weekend and will sell at a lower price.

See that money moving around in the market? Go out there, do some research, learn how to grab it, and do not let go. Thanks to the internet, anyone can do it.