A great sense of comedy is key to being awesome in college. With some spare time, why not capitalize on it? It's not difficult to draw a comic, though many folks who do try to draw comics typically just doodle. Plus, no one nowadays knows how to draw. We at CDT have noticed the public generally believes someone who can accurately draw... well anything, is more cultured and intelligent than a non-drawing counterpart. Capitalize on their misjudgments now!

Step 1: Find something interesting most people in your niche knows about. For instance, we at CDT understand our niche probably watches a fair amount of TV. We would therefore make a TV-related comic. If you're an 90 year old WWII vet drawing for your army buddies' amusement, make a parody of a Victory Garden! Protip: Research your joke before making the comic. This way you'll know if it's stale or if you generally have a good joke going for you.

Step 2: Figure out your medium. Pen/pencil and paper is the easiest and probably fastest method for making a comic, unless you use Adobe often enough to have a library of character files for quick placement. If you're new to the drawing hobby, best to just draw by hand and scan. I like to first draw elements by light pencil and then use OT 3,5, and 8 pens to ink them. I use charcoal to add texture, depth, and light.

Step 3: Look up famous comics, like Gary Larson (the only comic we know by name). Try to copy details piece by piece, like eyes, hair, environment style, chin clefts, etc. This way you don't have to come up with characters yourself until you feel comfortable enough.

Step 4 (optional): Draw each item for your comic individually first. Grab a scrap piece and draw elements several times. If you want a comic with two bears fighting over a bowl of corn flakes, draw a bowl of corn flakes until you like the perspective, and draw the bears separately until you like their pose. Then copy/paste. You'll get better results by going through this step, but it will take longer. Only follow to make a decent comic.

Don't add color unless necessary or unless you know how to draw. Too much rendering ruins a comic's appeal.

Now scan your comic and print tons of copies. Post around your place for nice conversation in the future. Oh you want to know who made that comic? Yeah, that was me. Please, please, more applause.