Your place looks boring now that you think about it. You don't want to buy more posters or furniture, and there are only so many black lights you can have in a household. Your place needs something to liven it up. about something ALIVE to liven it up? Pets aren't allowed and fish die every time you get them. Plants don't die immediately after you touch them, so let's try that idea. Well since you have some spare time, why not take a look at a tea garden you can grow in your room/appartment? Let's have at it.

This post will help you make a decent, cheap mini-garden you'll enjoy. It won't take much work to manage and no more time than a Sunday afternoon to put it together. Plus, the plants can be dried out and then made into a tea, how wicked is that? Very.

Basics: You're going to want to buy herb plants to add to your basic tea leaves. In fact, since tea takes a long time to grow it might just be easier for you to buy the Camellia sinensis (standard tea plant) and just experiment with herbs. It would be an herb garden for tea, but if time isn't an issue then grow the tea!

Herbs: Chamomile (German), Mint, Thyme, Lemon balm, hibiscus, sage, bergamot, and catnip for fun

Hibiscus plants take around 3 months to grow and harvest, thyme takes no more than 2 months for our needs, mint grows practically instantly, chamomile takes 2 months, sage grows instantly and everywhere, catnip grows within a month, bergamot will be ready in 2 months, and lemon balm is between 2-3 months

Catnip is a fast growing, weedlike plant that is similar to mint, but with the added bonus of making your cats go ecstatic. If you do have cats, make sure they don't roll around in the plant you're turning into tea.

Rose hips is another plant that is great for tea, but takes time. If you have roses around your place and know the caretakers don't spray the plant with pesticides, pick a few unless you want to wait a year for the next harvest.

Now decide which ones you want since you're on a budget and then plant all of them in containers with enough surface area - typically a pot with 1ft diameter for most of the herbs. Gallon containers work fine, but you don't need depth for these herbs, just room to grow out. You'll be harvesting them shortly anyway. All these things need is a full amount of sun until harvest and make sure the soil is always moist. Don't drown the herbs, except for the catnip and mint.

Time's up! Pick leaves from each plant (the hips if you have a rose plant) and dry out. Microwave them for instant results, press them between books with paper towels if time isn't an issue. Once dried, grind them up into mixtures and serve.

Experiment with c-c-c-combos. I usually get tea with bergamot in the ingredients list. Bergamot has an awesome orange flavor. Mint, thyme, and lemon balm as a combination is also pleasant. Make yourself some catnip tea one day and pour some for your cat for hilariousness to ensue. Add every herb together if you want a real experience.

Serve at any get-together and feel the pride roll over you as your guests drink your brew.