Well after three days of nine-hour volunteering, I will take the time to put together some up-to-date information on how the reusing experiment is going. I wanted to make blocks of bottles in order to easily lay them together, assemble, and store. Since I am a college student and I do not have the foresight to know how duct tape will work, I automatically assume it will hold together anything I use it on, so why stop myself now?

The above picture is a pile of all the blocks I put together. Similar size bottles were grouped together, organized, and then tightly taped. Well today I found out duct tape slacks up a bit, so I might have to do a bit more research and taping.

The plan this weekend is to make quite a few more blocks and test some layouts. Twice as many blocks are probably going to be needed ASAP, so I will probably be seen biking around town acting as one of those angry environmentalists. You know what? I'll just wear an oversized tree-shirt (get it?) and munch granola bars.

There has got to be a better, yet cheap, alternative to duct tape. Time for a smoke and a thought. Seacrest, out.