To celebrate the birth of America, we here at CDT have decided to honor our great country by showcasing 3 of its greatest inventions; Video Games, Top 5 Lists, and Combinations in CDT's TOP 5 N64 GAMES OF ALL TIME! While searching for my lost vhs copy of one of the greatest and most historically accurate movies ever, “1776”, I unearthed my old Nintendo 64 system which inspired me to dictate this piece of holy listdom.

5. POKEMON SNAP- Awwwww snap! This little known gem is a first person shooter photography game where you are commissioned by Prof. Oak to get pics of a bunch of different Pokemon as you ride around Jurassic Park style tracks on “Pokemon Island.” Never before has taking fake pictures of fake animals been so much fun. It's uncertain what kind of Pavlovian hypnotism makes this game so rewarding to play but in the end its just plain addicting.

4. TONY HAWK”S PRO SKATER- Back in 2000 when skateboarding hit its peak this game came out for N64 and exploded. Everything about this game was phenomenal. It's gameplay, graphics, and set of levels combined to take away countless hours of my life, possibly preventing me from actually learning how to skateboard. I wouldn't have it any other way. Whether you are wrecking shit in a competition in a Chicago skatepark or flying through shiny floating letters and dodging cars in downtown Minneapolis this game will keep you playing till the sun come up. 

3. SUPER SMASH BROS.- Just an awesome concept that came together for an even better game. You can finally put those questions, as to which characters from the N64 universe would win in a fight, to rest. It is really the multiplayer mode that lands this game on our #3 spot. While it will possibly take you a whopping 10 minutes to beat the single player mode, this is an awesome party game. There is nothing better than getting super smashed with your bros and playing Super Smash Bros. 

2. SUPER MARIO KART- It was hard not to put this in the #1 spot considering my affinity for racing games, its outstanding single and multiplayer modes, and the awesome uniqueness that comes from firing turtle shells out of a GoKart. Another great party game, this never gets old whether you're with friends or by yourself. This game isn't lacking in tracks, modes, character, or challenge. True Story: While driving the other day I saw a banana peel in the middle of the road and desperately swerved to avoid it. Moral: This game is the tits.

1. SUPER MARIO 64- What can one say about one of the greatest games from one of the greatest game franchises in gaming history. Needless to say this game has game up the game-hole. However what really puts Super Mario 64 at our #1 spot is the fact that it contains exactly 1 dick-ton of levels. Mario 64 will take you on an shitsplitting adventure through any and every kind of level imaginable. You swim through sunken ships, navigate desert pyramids, trek through haunted houses, and venture into worlds of lava and ice. This really is a well rounded, challenging, and rewarding game to play. An instant and all-time classic.

End Notes: You might be saying, “but but wheres my Goldeneye, my Perfect Dark, my Legend of Zelda?!” Consider this your honorable mention. There are no revisions done to the CDT top 5 lists. For this and all future lists, CDT decree'th THE LIST IS SACRED, 'TIS WRITTEN IN STONE. And as to any disagreement I offer these words from our great founding father, Benjamin Franklin. “One must thusly examine himself to prevent the dismantling of himself.” Happy Independence Day!