Well it finally happened: I temporarily broke my laptop. Seems that DiY projects sometimes come back to bite you (me). All I wanted to do was to reapply a new layer of thermal paste on my heatsink, but I could not do it. Bummer, I thought, I'll just put it back together.

Reassembled laptop. Hit the power button. Nothing.

That is when my heart stopped. I repeatedly pressed the power button. Still nothing.

You ever had a feeling of screwing up so badly you don't know what to do?

Man, I felt like hell until I got my stuff together the next day and went through the process all over, screw for screw. Somehow I must have managed to not fully connect a wire or screw because it started up perfectly after reassembling it again. Phew.

That first night of dealing with a broken $500 laptop felt terrible. The following day felt great, like I resurrected the dead. Glad that's over, time to get back to blogging.