It has been a little while since I last wrote an article for CDT, but that doesn't mean it has been a while since I got paid to write!

I had heard of Fiverr before, but I never took a look into it. Let's face it, if you have a real job you probably do not need the extra cash from doing cheap gigs. But since this summer's jobs were scarce for what I was applying for, I convinced myself to try my hand at Fiverr.

As older readers of this blog can probably tell, we at College DownTime enjoy writing. The little twists, allusions, and general personality our articles have should tell that. Well, did you know people actually pay for that personality? Me neither before the other week!

All you have to do is make a quick account, describe what you will do for $5, and advertise it a bit. Typically, the first hour is the most important one for your gig. If you get a sale within that first hour, you know your gig will be profitable. Try getting as many pageviews as possible as well for your gig. Try tweeting it with the hash tag #fiverr for more hits.

I picked a topic I know quite well, League of Legends articles and information. Surprisingly, plenty of people with blogs and sites want LoL content and screenshots. Considering the time spent, the pay is fairly decent as a part-time gig. Try it out if you want a few extra bucks for a bottle or two a week, there's hardly any risk except to your ego.