Thanks to Lemuel Craft

My little sister loves to argue. She thinks she is always right about any topic. Now, I have to confess that I also love a good argument and I’ve been known to think I’m right about things that I don’t really know for sure as well. With that said, we got into it the other night. And over the stupidest thing too! It was over Kim Kardashian! You would think in our hardships of war and with the economic crisis, we could find something more serious to argue over, but no! My sister and I were disagreeing because she thought that Kim was going to stay with her husband and I had heard they had already filed for divorce. So we solved it the way we normally end up solving our arguments…Google! I’ll have you know, I was right and she was wrong. I love when that happens! I’m so smart! I can’t take all the credit though. I should thank my sister for being wrong, Google, and Satellite Star Internet for allowing me to do a quick search. I love being right….for now!