Well we've definitely made more than two batches of mead before, but for our purposes here, it's #2. If you haven't checked out our first article of making mead, now's the time! This one is quite a bit more aged than most before it. It was made cheaper than those before. It is also quite drier than its predecessors, with only 2.5 lbs of honey per gallon instead of 4 lbs. Here are some quick stats:

- A 2 gallon batch with 5 lbs of honey total

- Several oranges, lemons, and a whole box of raisins were added for flavor complexity

- Two packets of Fleischmann's yeast

- Aged two months before opening

- Settled for another three weeks before bottling

- Currently about four months old

As you can see in the pictures, the yeast is settling out quite nicely, leaving a clear wine. It still has some settling to do, but that's not necessarily bad. Some folks like the taste of the yeast still in the wine as it tastes more like bread when it does. It takes patience to sift the mead through without taking the yeast with it, but it does clear up quite nicely when you do. That's about it for this batch folks. Any questions about a recipe or variations we will try our best to answer. Cheers, and good luck!