All right well we at College DownTime have been putting together some time the past couple days to try to make a fairly decent article about how we've made a few extra bucks in the past (and hopefully present depending on a news report). Next week we're posting several articles detailing our experiences with trading securities, stocks, bonds, and forex (trading monies).

                        A few trades from our early times, notice the 50% profit

We're putting together a few tutorials to get you started with the basics on trading, especially penny stocks. Yep, that's right. The "scam" you've seen in spam emails is real. We don't mess with expensive stocks or options trading, but instead work more with stock which are primarily based on speculation (though it can be more precise than it sounds). Through our experiences with quite a few trades and research, we can give you a good knowledge basis if you're actually interested in learning a bit about this lucrative, but surprisingly easy, trading scheme. Get in, get out, and keep your money safe.

Wait for Monday, we'll post an article on what to look for when researching stocks!