Summer is over and it's time to stop all that awesome summer stuff you were doing and get back to the grind.

Me, Conquering Nature

It's time to go back to school. Going back is good and bad... its kind of like getting sent to party prison. Of course you need to be prepared for any and all circumstances that await you in the coming semester. So I took the time to come up with a comprehensive school shopping list to prevent you from coming off as a total jabroni this year. Here's what you'll need and why.

1. A Sword- When the time is right, you'll know what to do.
2. Beer monies- What? you haven't been saving up? Good luck you poor bastard.
3. Plan B (for beer monies)- Scheme it, rob it, job it. Whatever you gotta do, man.
4. Lab Coats- For Experiments
5. Top Hats and Monocles- For Fancy Night 
6. Grappling Hook- To get on the roof
7. A Kiddy Pool and Lawn Chairs- For getting hotdaydrunk in
8. Tiki Torches and Hawaiian shirts- For Luau Night
9. Guitar- For the inevitable rock offs (usually against demons or final bosses)
10. Power Tools- For any renovations you want to make to your room (Water slide, sky light, escape pod etc.)