Guest post from: Winston Stewart

It’s really important to me to keep the lines of communication open with my kids especially since they’re getting to that age where they’re in the danger zone for getting the wrong kind of influences. They’re both great kids, don’t get me wrong, but I know how hard it was to be a teenager and have everyone from classmates to teammates to people on TV telling you what to do. Speaking of TV, my husband recently got us SatellieTvFamily in HD and we’ve instituted a family Sunday rule around here where we have to spend the whole day together. Since it’s fall we usually just end up watching football or some other sport on TV but I like that we’re all together in one room and that I get to really hang out with my kids. I know these moments are fleeting and there won’t be too many more of them so I’m trying to soak them up while my kids are still willing and able to spend a whole day with their old mom!